Past Scholarship Recipients

2021 FAAMA Foundation Scholarship Winners

Here are the 2021 FAAMA Foundation Scholarship Winners:

  • Amanda HansmannWinner of the Andy Taylor Excellence in Leadership Scholarship–Daughter of Glen Hansmann
  • Andrew Metcalf–Son of Teresa Metcalf
  • Chloe Lacefield–Daughter of Jason Lacefield
  • Nathaniel Hillenburg–Son of Randy Hillenburg
  • Christian Hudgins–Son of Chad Hudgins

2020 Scholarships

Robert Sabino, FAAMA Foundation Chair

The FAAMA Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2020 Andy Taylor Excellence in Leadership Scholarship – Matthew Metcalf of Oklahoma City, OK. Matthew, the son of Teresa Metcalf of FAAMA Chapter 382 – Aeronautical Center, will be receiving $2,000 to support his education at the University of Oklahoma.

Plus, 12 $1,000 scholarships are awarded to the following individuals:

  • Megan Bartlett – daughter of Victor Vazques
  • Stephen Hansmann – son of Glen S Hansmann
  • Nathaniel Hillenburg – son of Randy J. Hillenburg
  • Holly Hower – daughter of Todd Hower
  • Jared Hubert – son of Jeff Hubert
  • Aden Lieser – son of Andrew S. Lieser
  • Noel Mara – daughter of Kurt Mara
  • Andrew Metcalf – son of Teresa Metcalf
  • Zachary Smith – son of Daniel Smith
  • Mary Winzer – daughter of Christina Calvert
  • Kayla Zolman – daughter of Ryan Zolman
  • Jazmyn Siraco – daughter of Sheri Baker

Jazmyn Siraco Video – 2020

A big congratulations to all our FAAMA Foundations winners and thank you to all our applicants! If you have any questions or comments, I can be reached at [email protected]